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  • Post-Op Instructions

Scaling and Root Planning – Post Operative Instructions

  • Before anesthetic wears off, it is a good idea to take an over-the-counter medication. Tylenol or Advil would be fine.
  • The goal of the treatment you have received is to decrease the amount of inflamed tissue supporting the teeth. Healthy tissue is light pink in color and has little if any bleeding. Because of the inflammation, healthy tissue is going to shrink and recession of the gums is a possible outcome. With recession comes temperature sensitivity. This can be decreased with a fluoride rinse or gel ( ex. Prevident or Gel Kam)
  • If a localized antibiotic was place in your gums, do not floss around the tooth or teeth for approximately one week. All other teeth should continue with good home care in order to make your treatment a success.
  • Please return at your recare visits as instructed by your dental professional to follow up on any additional treatment that may be needed
  • If any problems occur, please call our office.